Sunday, 21 March 2010

William has been adopted!

William, a little young rabbit is cheeky and sometimes greedy. He pops up when you least expect him, and considers himself a bit of a celebrity, after being featured in a children's story, written by my husband. William is obsessed with carrots, and will do anything to get hold of one!

Update...William has been adopted, and is living the good life in Italy xx


  1. Hi Sam! You have been absolutely great getting William to us! Thank you so much! William is loving the Italian carrots and just can't get enough of them. He's been really good actually and, persuaded by my daughter, even had a few helpings of lettuce today ;) He is a truly charming little guy and such a pleasure to have around. Really hoping your husband's story featuring William will be published soon - we will be delighted to read about his adventures :) xx Victoria xx

  2. oh, and the little painting of him is truly gorgeous. We are feeling so spoilt! Thank you so much - your work is absolutely great! Victoria