Sunday, 21 March 2010


Teacup is the little one, a kind little bear, always thinking of others before himself. He is a rather clever little soul as he can stand up all by himself! Teacup can often be found asleep in a sunbeam, and is a loyal friend.

Teacup is £75 + Postage


  1. Clever Teacup to be able to stand! And a lovely expression too xx

  2. He is so incredibly adorable. I've linked this blog to my blog roll so that I can stop by and see the critters!

  3. Hi!
    Congratulations with your new blog!
    Really lovely!
    My fave is stanley!
    He is adorable!
    All your animals are so sweet!
    Real toys!
    I always am a bit sorry that we have to put ;"not suitable for young children" on the bears because of the glass eyes and cotter pins I guess.
    In the old days all children had bears like that!
    And I would love my bears to be worn out by little children , don't you?
    Well I wish you a lot off luck with your shop!
    I don't know the trick on selling a lot!
    It's hard in the beginning I think!
    Just keep on making bears I guess!

    See ya


  4. lovely blog. I really like the toys you have been making. Teacup is just so sweet. What I like about your toys are the individual gfacial expressions you have given them.
    What a talented person you are! Really like your work!
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x