Sunday, 21 March 2010


Teacup is the little one, a kind little bear, always thinking of others before himself. He is a rather clever little soul as he can stand up all by himself! Teacup can often be found asleep in a sunbeam, and is a loyal friend.

Teacup is £75 + Postage


Lucy...Lucy-Fox Brown, is a rather well to do lady. Sometimes mistaken for a boy fox, Lucy doesn't mind as she rather enjoys a joke, and loves to wear waistcoats. But she does like to remind people that she is more 'bear' than 'fox'

Lucy is £95 + postage

William has been adopted!

William, a little young rabbit is cheeky and sometimes greedy. He pops up when you least expect him, and considers himself a bit of a celebrity, after being featured in a children's story, written by my husband. William is obsessed with carrots, and will do anything to get hold of one!

Update...William has been adopted, and is living the good life in Italy xx


Sue is a bear, with a pinch of panda thrown in...she blames her panda markings on a distant exotic relative.
A loyal friend and companion, she is a quiet bear, but always up for a cuddle. Sue is named after a real life lost toy Panda, once loved by me.

Sue is £80 + Postage

Stanley has been Adopted!

Stanley is moving to London...he is very excited, and was always more of a city dog anyway!

Inspired by a Lakeland Terrier (and famous 4 legged companion belonging to Cath Kidston), Stanley is a loyal friend. He is a quiet and sometimes shy dog, but always there when you need him.

Stanley is £95 + postage